Did you know that spark plugs can work loose & fly out of the engine while you’re driving?

I was on the way to church tonight when a loud pop/bang occurred & suddenly I heard what sounded like a large diesel truck without a muffler. I looked over at TheKid & calmly said “Hmm. Perhaps we should pull over. ”

Ok. Actually I yelped in a rather panicked & strangled voice “IS THAT MY CAR MAKING THAT NOISE?!? ”

I did pull over onto the next side street and proceeded to shake just slightly less than violently. Because if something breaks on my car, we’re going to end up homeless on a street corner. Its just there way it works. Car trouble equals a bajillion dollars that destroys us & leaves us destitute and without transportation.

Does it make sense? Absolutely not. We have 2 vehicles & live within biking distance of work & school. Do those facts prevent the shaking? Nope. But I didn’t burst into hysterical tears so THAT’S progress.

Thankfully my husband was behind me in his truck. And he took one look at my car & knew how to fix it…for a total cost of less than $50. I’m terribly grateful for him (& his patience with me).

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  1. It’s just a trust issue dearest. Trust that God will take care of you regardless what happens and you’ll see all that fear disappear. It’s not easy, it’s a constant struggle, but it does work.:)

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